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Zentyal Server

Zentyal Server offers native Microsoft® Exchange and Active Directory® protocols on Linux.

  • Native interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory® and Microsoft® Exchange Server Protocols
  • Fully supported, at an affordable price

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Zentyal Mail

Native interoperability with Microsoft® Exchange Server Protocols and Microsoft Active Directory® means your Outlook® just works. It makes integration easy and saves you money.

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Zentyal Directory

Includes Native compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory®. You can control your IT infrastructure from a single point of user management, regardless of the different offices and locations your business has.

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For who is Zentyal Server?

Zentyal Server is the perfect solution for anybody that is looking for a Full-featured Open Source Linux server to manage their IT infrastructure. We have a big list of custumers that include:

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“We decided we needed to be 100% Exchange and Outlook-compatible, regardless of whether we opted for Microsoft messaging and groupware server products. Being able to host the data in a French data center was a decisive factor for us.”

Antoine Bernasconi, IT Director, BFL

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