Zentyal Release Policy

Commercial Zentyal Server Edition

Commercial Zentyal Server Edition offers small and medium businesses (SMBs) easy to use and affordable IT infrastructure, that is natively interoperable with Microsoft Active Directory.

Release Policy

Major Commercial Zentyal Server versions (such as 6.0 or 5.0) are published every two years, when a new Ubuntu Server LTS version becomes available. Minor Commercial Zentyal Server versions (such as 6.1 or 6.2) are published between mayor releases, introducing usually new features. Commercial Zentyal Server Editions are solely based on Ubuntu Server LTS.

Technical Support

Zentyal offers 4.5 years of official support for Commercial Zentyal Editions. This ensures that since the release of a new major Zentyal Commercial Edition version, support for all security issues as well as commercial technical support and subscription services will be granted for this version during the next 4.5 years. After this time period, the Commercial Zentyal Edition version reaches the end of its life cycle and becomes unsupported.


Upgrades between major releases. New major releases usually introduce large changes in the code base and therefore in-place upgrades have the tendency of causing issues. For this reason, in-place upgrades between major Zentyal Commercial version is not covered by the official Zentyal Technical Support and Zentyal strongly recommends fresh installation when upgrading from one major version to another. However, Zentyal makes reasonable efforts to provide an upgrade path. Were the in-place upgrade required by the customer, Zentyal recommends to contact the Authorized Zentyal Partner to request an evaluation of the upgrade options.

Upgrades from Development Edition to Commercial Edition. Due to the different code bases of the Zentyal Community Edition and Commercial Zentyal Edition, it is not possible to upgrade directly from the Zentyal Development Edition to a Commercial Zentyal Edition. Users of the Zentyal Development Edition wishing to use a Commercial Zentyal Edition are required to reinstall the server, though they can maintain their existing configuration through the configuration backup.

Life Cycle

Zentyal is based always on the latest Ubuntu Server LTS (Long-Term Support) version. Each Commercial Zentyal Edition (starting from the Zentyal 3.2 release) receives technical support for 4.5 years. The Commercial Zentyal Edition published prior to Zentyal 3.2 are supported for 3 years.

Release Date Supported Until Zentyal Server Edition Base Ubuntu Server Edition
11/2016 04/2021 Zentyal 5.X Ubuntu LTS 16.04
10/2014 04/2019 Zentyal 4.X Ubuntu LTS 14.04
09/2013 03/2018 Zentyal 3.2 Ubuntu LTS 12.04
09/2012 09/2015 Zentyal 3.0 Ubuntu LTS 12.04
09/2011 09/2014 Zentyal 2.2 Ubuntu LTS 10.04

Documentation & Training materials

Official public documentation will be reviewed and updated with every new release.