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The Outlook Compatible Mail platform

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Your clients can continue using their favorite email and groupware client.

Zentyal Cloud is natively compatible with Microsoft® Outlook and mobile devices with ActiveSync®. No need for connectors nor plug-ins.

Simplify your deployment and scale at your own pace.

Thanks to standardised and reliable backend components now you can expand without disruptions and adapt to your clients demands while keeping a complete isolation between them.

Reuse your knowledge and infrastructure.

No new hardware, no downtime, no reinstalling. Simply upgrade your standard mail platform to offer Business grade mail. Zentyal Cloud easily integrates with your existing email system, such as Dovecot and Postfix.

Manage your infrastructure out-of-the box.

The Zentyal Cloud interface allows you to manage companies, users and accounts. Use the API to integrate your systems (ERP, billing, etc) and other third-party control panels.

1€ per user per month

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Technical features

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Microsoft Outlook® support
  • Email, calendars and contacts. Native.
  • No plug-ins. No connectors
  • Data migration path from Hosted Exchange
  • Server settings autodiscover
  • Auto-refresh and notifications
  • Global Address List support
  • Shared contacts support
  • Shared calendars support
  • Out of Office support
  • Webmail with extra features, such as mail filters.
  • ActiveSync® mobile support
  • Supported versions: Microsoft Outlook® 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Support for standard IMAP clients
Control panel
  • Easy and simple web UI to manage companies, users and accounts
  • Three-tier access to account administration
    (Hoster > Reseller > Client company)
  • Mail quotas for companies and users
  • Upgrade IMAP accounts to MAPI
  • Easy integration with third-party control panels
  • Integration with your existing email system
    (such as Dovecot and Postfix)
  • Documented Python™ API to integrate with external solutions
    (WHMCS™, cPanel®, Parallels™, etc)
  • Open protocols, data formats and backends
  • Supported protocols: MAPI, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, SIEVE, ActiveSync®
  • Complete isolation of client companies
  • Different prices for IMAP and MAPI customers
  • Manage multiple mail domains and mail alias
  • Homogeneous deployment to hold all your clients’ data
  • Standardised, reliable backend components
  • Modular architecture
  • Scale horizontally using multiple redundant nodes
Technical Support
  • 24×7 certified technical support
  • Support during deployment and migration
  • Software updates for key components

Software integrated: OpenChange®, SOGo, Samba4, Heimdal Kerberos®, Dovecot, Postfix, Postgrey, Sieve, Fetchmail, Amavis, SpamAssasin, ClamAV, Apache, CUPS, Netfilter, BIND9, ISC DHCP, NTPd, OpenSSL, OpenVPN

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