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Zentyal is the first ever provider of
Fully native Microsoft® Exchange protocol compatibility to the worldwide messaging and collaboration market

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    The scalable platform from Zentyal that is natively interoperable with Microsoft Outlook clients and Microsoft Active Directory protocols.

    This PaaS incorporates all the required features for both Microsoft Outlook clients and any standard Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), Calendar service (CalDAV), and Addressbook/Management (LDAP, CardDAV) clients, delivering the most interoperable user experience in the world.

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    Zentyal Server is the Linux server from Zentyal that is natively interoperable with Microsoft Outlook® clients and Microsoft Active Directory® protocols.

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    “Zentyal provides the perfect blend of an enterprise level network infrastructure server and a cost-effective technology solution, allowing us to respond to ever-higher demands at the appropriate cost.”

    Luis Palomero, CTO, Sabeco-Simply