Learn easy and practical Linux server management! Certified Zentyal training is available on-line and in-person through Authorized Zentyal Training Partners.


Learn Linux server management easily! Zentyal integrates over 30 open source components in one single easy-to-use platform, allowing you to manage efficiently small and medium sized computer networks. A comprehensive set of hands-on training courses, both on-line and in-person, allow you to quickly take advantage of Zentyal! View more

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Certification exams

Certification exams validate your knowledge in Linux small business server management and lay the basis for becoming a trusted and valued professional for your organization and customers. View more

Academy Program

Zentyal Academy Program is aimed at official vocational education centers that want to introduce Linux small business server management to their training curriculum. The program provides the future system administrators with the know-how and open source tools that allow them to manage easily all network services in a SMB. View more

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Become a Training Partner

Are you interested in introducing Linux small business server management tools to your study programs? Simply submit the partnership request and we will get back to you with all the details of the Training Partner options. View more

Find a Training Partner

Interested in studying in an official Zentyal Training Academy or Training Center? The Authorized Training Partners give certified training in Zentyal, in-person and in your own language, granting you access to special benefits and prices. Find your closest Zentyal Training Academy! View more

Training Program

Are you a private vocational education center, learning center or a regional training academy cooperating with a number of training centers? By becoming a Zentyal Training Center, you can easily include Zentyal-based courses to your course offering and gain access to important benefits and discounts! View more