Zentyal Server Course

Zentyal for Network Administrators-on-line course is an intermediate course aimed at IT professionals with experience in computer network management in small and medium businesses (SMBs). At completion of this 40-hour course, the students should be able to deploy Zentyal as a domain & directory server, mail server, gateway and infrastructure server in SMB environment.

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  • Provide the understanding of the Zentyal Server architecture.
  • Provide the basic understanding of computer network management and Linux.
  • Provide practical experiences in Linux network management.
  • Allow to deploy and manage all shared resources and communications services in SMB environment.
  • Allow to learn best practices for effective and safe network maintenance of a SMB server.
  • Allow to deploy functional network infrastructure and gateway for a small and medium business.
  • Allow to guarantee the security of a computer network against external attacks.
  • Ease the migration of Windows servers to Linux.


The course will take approximately 40 hours to complete. Once the user name and password are provided, the students will have up to 30 days to complete the contents and exercises of the on-line course.

Who should attend

IT professionals with experience in computer network management, who are interested in deploying Zentyal as a domain & directory server, mail server, gateway and infrastructure server. Windows system administrators interested in Linux based system administration. IT professionals interested in managing Linux servers in SMB environments.


Experience: To be able to install and configure Zentyal using Virtualization technology.

Software requirements: Having installed and configured VirtualBox, Ubuntu Server LTS ISO and Zentyal Installer.

Hardware requirements (minimum): 2GHz processor, 3GiB RAM.


The price of the on-line course is 495€.

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Zentyal Server book

The “Zentyal for Network Administrators”-book is an ideal guide for those who want to use Zentyal Server, or Linux servers in general, in SMB environments. It covers all relevant aspects of configuring and managing Zentyal servers, from the server architecture to all network services, as well as best practices for safe and effective network maintenance.

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