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Zentyal Interop Cloud

Zinc (Zentyal Interop Cloud) delivers the first-ever native Microsoft® Exchange protocol implementation and Active Directory interoperability on Linux. This means that your users and clients can keep using their preferred systems software, and you can keep using Linux IT.

Interoperability has become very important, because there are more devices connected then ever before. Linux servers, Microsoft Windows® machines, Android and iOS mobile devices… Zentyal speaks native Microsoft® and open protocols, maximizing interoperability.

With Interoperability comes compatibility. Full Native Microsoft® Outlook Compatibility without any plugins or connectors is finally here. Zinc makes Linux speak Microsoft® Exchange and Active Directory, so it just works! Grow your company by simply extending your infrastructure, to reach customers that you could not reach before.

Zinc makes you ready for the cloud. You can choose to host Exchange and Active Directory on a public or private cloud and you can do this at your own pace.

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The core nature of Zinc is native interoperability, making Linux speak Exchange and Active Directory. Zinc is highly scalable, customizable and ready for the cloud.

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Zinc has native Microsoft® Exchange protocol implementation and is natively compatible with Microsoft® Outlook and mobile devices with ActiveSync®. You can easily extend your infrastructure with this service and provide your clients or users with what they need.


Native Active Directory interoperability on Linux with Zinc Directory. It uses Samba and MySQL and allows the central management of all the typical directory figures.

Who is Zinc for?

Here are just a few of the most common use cases.

Hosting & Hosted Exchange

Are you a hosting provider or a company that wants to host their own Outlook compatible mail and/or cloud? The platform provides a solution that is fully compatible with Microsoft®Outlook and mobile devices with ActiveSync®.

Zentyal has created a complete hoster infrastructure product with Zinc, fully compatible with Exchange protocols and Active Directory. This product helps hosting providers to improve their services and will save them costs.

Implementation is fast, cheap and secure, because it simply extends your IT environment. You can move to the cloud at your own pace.

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Groupware Integrators / Providers

Zinc is essential for groupware, because it offers native Microsoft® Exchange protocol implementation and Active Directory. Apart from this it has ActiveSync® support, so that people can connect with their mobiles.

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You can now host Active Directory® and Exchange on a Linux cloud and reach that market of business users!

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Data mining

You can now uncover all the pieces of information that are needed to improve internal processes. Data from the Active Directory® and Exchange Servers will now be easily accessible.

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This trial will show you that Zinc is fully compatible with Microsoft® Outlook and mobile devices with ActiveSync®.

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“Zentyal provides the perfect blend of an enterprise level network infrastructure server and a cost-effective technology solution, allowing us to respond to ever-higher demands at the appropriate cost.”

Luis Palomero, CTO, Sabeco-Simply

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