Zentyal Partner Program


Zentyal is constantly looking for qualified partners all over the globe. We have established partnership agreements with IT and managed service providers, system integrators, software development houses and hosting companies operating locally, regionally, nationwide and internationally.

Zentyal Partner Program offers four different partnership levels to business partners. Our goal is always to optimize and focus the marketing and sales efforts of both Zentyal and the partner and ensure the highest levels of service to our end customers at all times.

  • Reseller Partner: This is the easiest option for IT providers to start doing business based on Zentyal: Reselling commercial Zentyal Server editions and licenses without training commitment and with a minimum yearly sales commitment.
  • Registered Partner: Partnership option for IT providers that are interested in growing their business based on Zentyal, offering support and other value-added services on top of Zentyal Server editions and licenses.
  • Professional Partner: Partnership option for IT providers that have a clear idea of having a business line based on Zentyal. These are established companies able to manage their customers’ IT infrastructure and with a solid experience, making them preferential partners for Zentyal in a local/regional area, in a vertical or in a specific solution.
  • Premier Partner: Partnership option for IT providers that want to become strategic partners strongly engaged with Zentyal technology, with a deep knowledge and ability to provide services around Zentyal beyond local or regional context. Premier Partners’ size and market position allow them to access large projects and have a high sales potential.

Benefits & Commitment

The following chart provides you an overview of the benefits and requirements of each partnership level.

Reseller Registered Professional Premier
Business generation support
Basic Sales Kit yes yes yes yes
Partner logo on Zentyal website yes yes yes yes
Right to use Zentyal Partner logo yes yes yes yes
Training & engineering support
Free NFR Zentyal Server License 1 1 2 3
Free on-line training course* 1 1 2
Continuous training yes yes yes
On-line Training Platform for internal use yes
Commercial support
Access to License Plan yes yes yes yes
Discount over Zentyal products yes yes yes yes
Partner commitment
Annual business commitment yes yes yes yes

Please submit a partnership request for further details.

*Will become available during the 2nd quarter of 2017.