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!Bien B.V.

Maassluis, The Netherlands

!Bien B.V. is a full service IT company based in The Netherlands and founded in 1992, with a large experience in open source solutions. As a networking, communications systems and data expert, Bien B.V. covers the entire range of services: consulting, installation, supply, implementation, maintenance and complete ICT management.

Crowit - Authorized Zentyal Partner in Portugal


Braga, Portugal

Crowit is a concept to deliver software management solutions and infrastructure services, deployed on site or on the cloud. It was established in 2015 as a trademark of Braxicom, S.A., for the Information Technology business area. Our target is to develop new products, business consulting services, and implementation of management software (CMS, ERP). Our project aims to be an aggregation of companies and entrepreneurs, technologies and industrial synergies that complement themselves, to promote competitiveness. A way to do better, customer focus.

ITCorp - Zentyal Reseller Hungary

ITcorp Ltd.

Budapest, Hungary

ITcorp Ltd. is a small IT company in Hungary with big ideas and founded in 2009 and still growing and working. Our mission is to develop and share Open Source technology as much as we can. We support Linux, Microsoft and Apple related products. Our services are cover a wide range of services like installation, supply, maintenance, implementation, consulting and education. You can find more information on our website.



Mexico DF, Mexico

A3Sec was established in 2012 as an AlienVault spin-off, with the goal of providing professional services, training and official certification of SIEM products in Spain and LatAm. The company uses the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years by their technical and management team in the field of Information Security, and specifically in the field of SIEM and Open Source Software related to Network and Systems Security. Their engineers have extensive experience in providing professional services to all type of clients, having carried out projects, deployment, operation, support and consulting throughout their careers.


Aportia Consulting

Zaragoza, Spain

Aportia Consulting is the first private initiative Special Employment Centre that has been certified by Aragon Government (Spain). Created by a team of people with solid experience in various professional fields, it looks for employment for people with disabilities by providing external services with the highest level of demand and professionalism. The company offers, among others, complete computer services, from consulting and implementation of IT infrastructure to design and web programming, through SEO and CMS management.



Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Cubixys is an IT company with over 5 years of experience in providing innovative IT solutions for enterprise class customers in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its passionate team of professionals and unique experience in open source based solutions, its able to serve some of the most demanding customers in the region including some major multinational companies spanning across different domains and verticals. Besides providing Linux and Zentyal based server solutions, it does offer Security solutions, Network design and implementations and IT Infrastructure development.



Zeewolde, the Netherlands

ECsys is a systems integrator that focuses on delivering Linux and Open Source solutions for professional use in small and medium businesses. ECsys has successfully established itself as a leader in Linux and OSS over the last decade and, thanks to its extensive knowledge of and vast experience in this IT sector, the company can deliver solutions that offer stability, scalability, security and low TCO for business critical environments. The expertise of ECsys lies in the areas of Development of Linux-oriented back office servers, Design of Linux based IT-infrastructures, The set-up and administration of Linux systems and infrastructures, Linux Migration from Windows, Unix or Novell, Network security and Linux and Open Source consultancy.



Pastrengo, Italy

Extensys is an IT company that develop and support open source project in Italy. It give you support for Linux System (Debian, Centos, Ubuntu ) at professional level. It gives you system administrators for your needs and now has been certified as Zentyal Partner.



Aachen, Germany

iBackOffice is an experienced IT company which focuses on consulting, planning, solutions, hosting, cloud computing and Rapid Application Development. Especially they are experts in virtualisation and terminal server solutions and offer complete IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, which can be provided in the cloud as well as in the customer’s data centre.

IES Arquitecto Ventura Rodriguez

Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: C/ Severo Ochoa, 4, 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 91 633 62 71 | +34 91 633 95 94, E-mail:

IES Julian Zarco

Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca), Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: C/ Don Sabino 1, 16630 Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca), Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 967 18 00 06, Email:

IES Santiago Hernandez

Zaragoza, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: Avda. Navarra, 141, 50017 Zaragoza, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 976 32 42 00, E-mail:

IES Villaverde

Madrid, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: C/ Alianza 20-24, 28041 Madrid, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 91 723 91 81, E-mail:

Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) logo

Innovative Business Solutions (IBS)

Quito, Ecuador

Founded in January 2009, IBS is an IT company that provides solutions based on free and open-source software (FOSS/FLOSS) in the entire Andean region. The company has vast experience in delivering IT, network, VoIP and network infrastructure solutions to both private sector and governmental organizations. IBS allows to unify all computer systems, therefore optimizing the management of IT. The company provides constant innovation with an extremely capable and specialized team in order to meet the needs of their clients.

INS La Ferreria

Barcelona, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: C/ Progrés, 3, Montcada i Reixac, 08110 Barcelona, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 93 575 21 84, E-mail:



Skopje, Macedonia

KABTEL is leading company in the area of ICT engineering in Macedonia with the constant tendency for growth and positive results from its foundation until today. In a very short period, KABTEL has established itself as a leader of the new wave of ICT services and expertise in the Republic of Macedonia with the quality of services and direct communication with the clients establishing new higher standards. Value added products, uncompromising security and reliability together with scalability of the solutions designed for each individual customer supported by effective customer oriented training are trademarks of KABTEL.


Lemberger & Associates (L&A)

Bolton, United Kingdom

Lemberger & Associates (L&A) was established in 2013 and provides IT and Security consultancy to small and medium enterprises (SME) throughout the UK. L&A has a wide variety of skills including system administration, security design and implementation, forensics and incident response and virtualization. Our aim is to provide the right solution for our customers and explain everything in a non-technical and easy to follow manner.

Linux Academy

Budapest, Hungary

Type of Training Partner: Training Center
Address: 1112 Budapest, Repülőtéri út 2., Hungary
Contact information: Telephone: +36 1 900 06 90, E-mail address:



Poznan, Poland

The team of professionals operating under a common brand name “” has existed since 2004, providing IT services to business entities ranging from small enterprises to large joint-stock companies. manages their customers’ IT infrastructures and helps them to integrate the services delivered by other providers. Moreover, the company has their own extensive infrastructure, consisting of high bandwidth Internet connections based on BGP routing technology, as well as service and application servers using these connections. Together with their hardware resources, provides advanced integration and IT outsourcing services, as well as their own services.

Microblau logo


Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain

Microblau is a company that offers advanced information technology services. The company uses its knowledge to integrate into the operational structure of the customer, understand, and propose the best solutions to meet their needs. Microblau aims at ensuring maximum customer satisfaction to its more than 200 customers by creating tecnological solutions that improve the management and performance of their businesses and by always adapting to customers’ needs. The experience and knowledge of their team, together with their initiative, drive and ability of anticipation allow them to manage change, and to anticipate both their own and their customers’ future needs in order to offer the best solutions.



Minas Gerais, Brazil

NetSol is a Brazilian managed service provider (MSP), founded in 2000 in Minas Gerais, that specializes in network security and Internet services and solutions. Since the very foundation of the company, Netsol has aimed at delivering their customers reliable, high-quality and customized high-technology solutions and services and this has led to a rapid consolidation and growth of the company in the whole country. NetSol provides a full blend of network management services and data center solutions as well as e-mail filtering and collaboration tools.


PaloSanto Solutions

Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador

PaloSanto Solutions is a leader in open source innovation in Latin America and Premier Zentyal Partner in Ecuador. Their experience in development and implementation of open source projects has made them the preferred technology provider for over 1000 companies. The main business verticals include: software development, technology consulting, infrastructure, technical support, IP telephony and unified communications, among others. Currently PaloSanto Solutions offers its solutions through its offices and representatives in Ecuador (headquarters), United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, and more than 100 partners worldwide. PaloSanto Solutions is the developer and sponsor of Elastix®, the most popular open source software throughout the world for IP PBX and Unified Communications based on Asterisk®.



Budapest, Hungary

ProLin is one of Hungary’s first companies (founded in 1997) in open source technologies, focused on providing system integration, management and support for small and medium businesses and for the public administration. As an official ISP, ProLin can provide one contract IT services, including on-site servers, cloud solutions and IP communications.


ric Ritter IT Consult

Waldaschaff, Germany

The Knights IT Consult is a neutral, independent consulting and IT company for small and medium-sized companies. Ric Ritter offers an external consulting to their clients in complex services related to IT. Their clients includes companies from many industries.



Bogota, Colombia

SEAQ is a Colombian IT consulting company with about 15 years of experience, focused on bringing Open Source solutions to customers all over Latin America with Linux and VoIP support services. SEAQ now also offers Zentyal and Ubuntu based solution of choice for SMBs.



Kiev, Ukraine

SoftiCo, a leading Value Added IT distributor, operates in the markets of Ukraine (headquarters), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and Lithuania. They grew out of the company “BAKOTECH Logistic Distribution” and as a result of rebranding became SoftiCo. Their portfolio of leading IT solutions enables the company to provide modern and high-quality IT solutions with pre- and postsales support. In local markets SoftiCo operates through a well established partner network, including over 1,000 active dealers. Key integrators and solution providers are involved in carrying out large-scale projects concerning implementation solutions for end-customers from various business segments.

VGS tecnología web

VGS tecnologías web

Zaragoza, Spain

VGS web technologies is a company specialized in IT services. It has an extensive experience in deployment and management of open source systems, installation of servers and high performance web hosting. At the moment, VGS web technologies is a Professional Zentyal Partner, which allows them to complete their current offering with additional services. In addition, VGS web technologies, specializes in custom development based on open source (Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, Prestashop, etc.), web positioning (SEO), on-line marketing and development of native applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Asesorías Informáticas EIRL

Asesorías Informáticas EIRL

Valle de Aconcagua 446, San Bernardo, Santiago, Chile.

Asesorías Informáticas EIRL. nace en un momento de grandes avances tecnológicos con el firme propósito de ser actores junto a nuestros clientes, nuestra misión nace de las personas, la tecnología, los procesos y de la inquietud por innovar y mejorar permanentemente.

Somos partner tecnológicos de nuestros clientes, aportando soluciones en áreas claves como, Infraestructura T.I., Virtualización, Cloud, esto asociado a la movilidad e integración de soluciones.​



Vigo, Spain

Aitire provides IT support and services based on open source solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) located in the Galicia region, in the northwestern Spain. The system administration services provided by the company include Aibox, an innovative solution based on Zentyal that covers all IT needs of any SME in an easy and convenient manner. The company works following the principles of Free software and the guidelines set by the Free Software Foundation in order to provide their customers with the best and most up-to-date tools to improve their daily work.

C.P.I F.P Los Enlaces

Zaragoza, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: c/ Jarque de Moncayo, 10, 50009 Zaragoza, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 976 30 08 04, E-mail:

espex logo


Santiago, Chile

Espex is a technology company that began operating in the city of Temuco in 1992, as a crazy idea of two friends. More than 20 years have passed since then and today it is comprised of a group of companies committed with their customers, collaborators, providers and the sustainable development of our planet. Espex studies, designs and implements technological, electrical, electronic and energy efficiency projects, offering complete solutions for its customers, with a personalized and committed work, supported by a team of highly qualified professionals. “We work hard to do everything necessary to provide simple solutions for our customers”.



Gondomar, Portugal

Göris is a Portuguese IT service provider, founded in 2008, that aims at simplifying its customers IT infrastructure. The company offers IT support, consultancy and software development services to businesses from all industries, from heavy industry to healthcare, that fit the needs of any company.


IBB – I&C Technology Co. 北京莱茵方舟网络技术有限公司

Beijing, China

IBB is a Sino-German IT System Integration & IT Service Company with more than 14 years’ experience in China and Offices in Beijing and Shanghai. IBB is offering Office IT Solution as Managed Services (Rent & Service – No Investment no Risk). Office Server including local- and Cloud-Data Storage, E-Mail- and VoIP-Phone System, Backup- and VPN- as well as Client (Workstation) Solution and more are provided locally in the Office, for a just a monthly Service Fee. IBB是一家中 德IT系 统集成及IT服务公司公司,在中国已经有超过14年 的专业经验,并在北京和上海都设有办公室。IBB主 要向客户提供办公室IT管 理服务(租赁&服 务-无任何风险/无投资)。办公室服务包括:当地数据以及云数据的储存,网络邮箱系统和VOIP-电 话系统,数据备份,VPN 方案,以及客户(工作站)的解决方案,还可以为办公室提供更多的当地服务,而仅收取 每月的IT服务费。

IES Infanta Elena

Madrid, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: Ctra. de Guadarrama, 85, Galapagar, 28260 Madrid, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 91 858 77 30, Email:

IES Leopoldo Queipo

Melilla, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: Plaza 1º de Mayo, 2, 52003 Melilla, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 952 67 38 10, E-mail:

IES Sierra de Guara

Huesca, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: C/Ramón J. Sender, 4, 22005 Huesca, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 974 24 34 77, E-mail:

IES Virrey Morcillo

Villarrobledo (Albacete), Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: Avenida Menendez Pelayo s/n, 02600 Villarrobledo, Albacete, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 967 140 881, E-mail:

INS d’Aran

Lleida, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Training Academy
Address: Ctra. de Vaqueria, s/n, Vielha e Mitjaran, 25530 Lleida, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 973 64 18 74, E-mail:

logo interconexion


Río Negro, Argentina

InterConexión is a young company that offers, generates and develops specific IT services. It is composed of professionals with a wealth of experience in different industries, allowing them to provide a personalized and tailored service to the needs of each client. Their aim is to enable their clients to focus on business, outsourcing technology aspects of their companies to InterConexión. InterConexión accompanies and supports their customers at all stages, helping them in each case to achieve their goals, with respect for IT management and enhances the positive qualities of each company.



Alicante, Spain

Koali Soluciones Informáticas es una empresa especializada en el diseño e implementación de soluciones informáticas corporativas basadas en software de código abierto. Diseñamos e implantamos sistemas de Comunicaciones Unificadas, Infraestructura de Centro de Datos, Administración de Sistemas, Plataformas de Virtualización, Redes SAN, Sistemas de Videovigilancia, Alta disponibilidad e Ingeniería de Redes. Como partners de Zentyal, proponemos el servidor Zentyal como pilar fundamental de la infraestructura de sistemas de nuestros clientes. Además, como partners de Microsoft y Red Hat, ofrecemos nuestro amplio abanico de soluciones empresariales con el respaldo de dos grandes compañías que nos avalan.


Linux Academy

Budapest, Hungary

Linux Academy is a Hungarian Linux training and technical support company. As a Zentyal Gold Partner and Zentyal Training Partner, the company gives support and training for those who use and manage Zentyal servers and for IT solution providers using Zentyal to provide services to their customers. Linux Academy’s highly qualified Linux specialists give the students a robust knowledge and experience in Linux-based system administration. On their website you can find a free video-training in Hungarian about installation and basic configuration of the system.


Linux Warehouse

Southern Africa

Linux Warehouse (Pty) Ltd. was established in 2005 and is the premier distributor of enterprise open source software for Sub-Saharan Africa. As such it is an authorised distributor in Southern Africa for Red Hat including the JBoss product; the Sub-Saharan distributor for EnterpriseDB, Zentyal, iFax Solutions, NetFort and Zmanda. Linux Warehouse is a ‘pure’ distributor and operates in conjunction with and through its numerous resellers.



Roccafranca, Italy

MC.MB is an IT support and service provider, founded in 2009 in Brescia (Italy). The company is formed by a team of young and enterprising professionals that focus on providing ICT solutions based on free and open source software. The services offered by MC.MB include IT consultancy, security management, software development, IT infrastructure installation and maintenance, as well as management and provision of computer equipment.

Neodoo - Authorized Zentyal Partner (Zaragoza, Spain)


Zaragoza, Spain

Neodoo is an IT support and service provider located in Zaragoza, Spain, that offers a wide range of services for small and medium business located in the area. Company’s portfolio includes mobile solutions based on Google Android, Open Source SOA, custom development projects based on JBoss and Java technologies and, overall, Linux-based solutions for IT infrastructure, mobile devices and embedded systems.



Santa Cruz, Bolivia

OpenIT brinda soluciones y servicios de nivel mundial para grandes corporaciones y empresas en crecimiento(PyME). Aseguramos Escalabilidad, Integración e Innovación, alta competitividad y costos a su medida. OpenIT es pionera y líder en Bolivia en el uso de GNU/Linux y está especializada en grandes soluciones usando Open Source y Software Libre. En el equipo contamos con profesionales que trabajan hace varios años con soluciones libres. Y somos parte de ABISOL (Asociación Boliviana de la Industria de Software Libre)


Performance Dimensions, Inc.

Winston-Salem, United States

Performance Dimensions, Inc. is a 35 year old company which provides a turn-key IT solution to small and medium businesses. We have expertise in server administration on both Windows and Linux. We provide a unique, one-stop solution for purchasing, installing, training, and maintaining technology resources as well as web site/email hosting services.

Proyecto Universidad Empresa – PUE

Barcelona, Spain

Type of Training Partner: Regional Academy (Spain)
Address: Distrito 22@, Av. Diagonal, 98-100, 08019 Barcelona, Spain
Contact information: Telephone: +34 93 20 60 249, E-mail:

logo sat_v3


Montichiari, Italy

S.A.T. is a company operating since 1999 and provides solutions for businesses and professionals. We have specific expertise on both Windows and Linux and a thorough knowledge of Groupware in general and of Zentyal and Exchange in particular. We set ourselves to support of customers and IT consultants who need a complete and functional solution. Experience with Zentyal since it was called Ebox allows us to provide consulting and turnkey solutions even to IT service providers.

Sinc Logo

Servicios de Informática Colegiada (SINC)

Monterrey, Mexico

SINC, founded in 2003, develops software mainly for the financial sector and offers consulting and support services for small and medium businesses throughout Mexico. The company has an extensive experience in Linux environments thanks to their highly trained staff and their broad experience and expertise in Linux technologies. The services offered by the company include software development, network management, security, databases and administration of heterogeneous environments, and they aim always at providing their customers with solutions that maintain information systems running smoothly.

Universidad Tecnológica de Torreón

Torreón (Coahuila), Mexico

Type of Training Partner: Training Center
Address: Carr. Torreon – Matamoros K.M. 10 Ejido El Aguila, Torreon (Coahuila), Mexico
Contact information: Telephone: +52 (871) 729 74 29



Helsinki, Finland

Zimios is a Finnish company specialized in IT Support Services providing on-site and remote system troubleshooting and support, disaster recovery and consultancy to small and mid-sized companies in the Helsinki-area. The company covers every aspect of IT infrastructure support, from installations to complete maintenance services on both Linux and Windows based systems.