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Introduce Linux based network management tools easily in the course offering of vocational training centers, learning centers and regional academies.

Training Program

Zentyal Training Centers are private Vocational Eduction Centers or Learning Centers that introduce Zentyal based training in their curriculum and train their students with Zentyal technology. The Zentyal Training Program allows these private training centers to introduce Linux based network management tools easily in their course offering.

Benefits – Training, support & official training materials

The Zentyal Training Centers get access to the training materials and on-line training platform to train their teachers in Zentyal. Besides receiving support for completing the training, the teachers gain access to on-line support for resolving any course and certification-related questions and doubts also once they have started delivering Zentyal-based training.

Zentyal Training Centers receive the necessary guidelines, promotional materials, teachers’s and students’ training materials and access to on-line training and support platform to launch their Zentyal Training Programs. If the Training Centers wishes to do so, they can also give their students access to the on-line training platform with training contents and exercises, allowing them to manage their students fully on-line.

Benefits – Official textbooks and certification exams

Zentyal Training Centers obtain the official textbooks and certification exam vouchers for all the students who enroll in Zentyal based training. Those students who pass the official certification exams, are granted the status of Zentyal Certified Technician (ZeCT) or Associate (ZeCA) and they are included to the official database of certified professionals.

Benefits – Discounts

Zentyal Training Centers are entitled to discounts on the official textbooks and certification exams. To receive detailed information regarding these discounts, please submit the partnership request.


The Zentyal Training Centers must train and certify a minimum number of teachers in Zentyal and they must have adequate training facilities (classrooms and computer equipment) to deliver the courses. Furthermore they must obtain a minimum number of certification exams vouchers yearly.

How to become a Zentyal Training Center

The process for becoming a Zentyal Training Center is easy and straightforward. To start with, please submit a partnership request and you will be shortly contacted for further details.