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Validate your knowledge in Linux small business server management and lay basis for becoming a trusted and valued professional.

Zentyal Certified Technician

Zentyal Certified Technician (ZeCT) exam is aimed at IT professionals who want to validate their training in Zentyal-based basic computer network deployments. This is a vendor-certified exam and it covers the use of Zentyal server as a gateway, UTM and for network infrastructure management.

Description and topics
  • Time to complete the exam: 2 hours.
  • Exam description: The exam consists of deploying and configuring a Zentyal server in an alleged company. The exam instructions given to the examinee include a series of configuration requirements and recommendations he/she must deploy.
  • Exam scoring and passing the exam: The final score will depend on the fulfillment of the requirements and recommendations. The examinee must successfully complete 70% of the exam in order to gain the certification.
Recommended training
How to take the exam

If you are interested in taking this certification exam on-line, purchase the Certification Exam Voucher via Zentyal on-line store. You will be shortly sent the detailed instructions for taking the certification exam and given an exam date. If you prefer taking in-person exam, you must contact your closest Zentyal Training Partner to purchase the Certification Exam Voucher and to find out the available exam dates.

Successful examination

Those who pass the official certification exam, are granted the status of Zentyal Certified Technician (ZeCT) and they are included to the official database of certified professionals.