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Introduce Linux network management tools integrated in Zentyal in the official vocational training curriculum!

Academy Program

Zentyal Training Academies are Zentyal Training Partners with a special status, granted only to official vocational education centers with state-approved educational offer. Due to the character of academies, they are given special discounts and benefits to integrate Zentyal based training in their training curriculum.

Benefits – Training, support & official materials

The Zentyal Training Academies get access to the training materials and on-line training platform to offer Zentyal-based training to their students. The teachers choose if they give their students access to the on-line training platform with training contents and exercises, giving them the option to manage their students fully on-line.

Once the training academy has started delivering Zentyal-based training to their students, the teachers also gain access to on-line support for resolving any course and certification related questions and doubts. The training academies also have the opportunity to obtain the official textbooks for their students with a special discount.

Benefits – Official certificates

Zentyal Training Academies can request Certificates of Attendance for those students that have successfully completed the training program that integrates Zentyal based training. In addition, the training academies can offer their students access to the official Zentyal Certification Exams. Those students who pass the official certification exam, are granted the status of Zentyal Certified Technicians (ZeCT) or Associate (ZeCA) and they are included to the official database of Zentyal certified professionals.

Benefits – Discounts

Due to the character of Zentyal Training Academies, these are given special discounts and benefits to integrate Zentyal-based training in their training curriculum. The training academies are given important discounts in the training of their teachers as well as student textbooks and certification exams. To receive detailed information regarding these discounts, please submit the partnership request.


The main requirement to become a Zentyal Training Academy is that the applicant is official vocation education center with state-approved educational offer. As to further requirements, the training academies must train and certify a minimum number of teachers in Zentyal and they must have adequate training facilities (classrooms and computer equipment) to deliver the courses.

How to become a Zentyal Training Academy

The process for becoming a Zentyal Training Academy is easy and straightforward. To start with, please submit a partnership request and you will be shortly contacted for further details.