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“Choosing to go for a web-based mail client only was key to our strategy. We think that it makes life a lot easier for everybody: a lot more applications are moving to the cloud anyway. No clients, less deployment pains.”

Mihai Bilauca, Chief Information Officer, Limerick City Council

“Zentyal provides the perfect blend of an enterprise level network infrastructure server and a cost-effective technology solution, allowing us to respond to ever-higher demands at the appropriate cost.”

Luis Palomero, CTO, Sabeco-Simply

“By choosing open source solution such as Zentyal, we hope to keep our IT costs low while being able to support all our users with basic network services, no matter what operating system they have on their laptop.”

Palle Knudsen, IT Manager, Aalborg Studenterkursus

“This solution has allowed OPAEF to reduce significantly the time and costs required to manage network services of their offices. As the chosen technology solution is open source, we have removed all the software licensing costs.”

Juan José Domínguez Calvo, System Analyst, INPRO, County Council of Seville

“Zentyal is extremely simple to install, setup and configure. I’ve used Microsoft in the past and I’ve found that Zentyal is far superior in quality, functionality and most importantly, in stability.”

Kelly Corbin, Senior Systems Administrator, North American Bancard

“Zentyal allows Intrinsyx to leverage the Debian Code of Conduct to expose one of the easiest to use web interfaces, sanely setting up very complex services like LDAP, Email, and VoIP with a few clicks of the mouse. It does not prevent you from installing packages like vsftpd or kvm, and the upgrade was painless and quick!”

Graham Cantin, System Administrator, Intrinsyx

“Elekta found in Zentyal a solution which brought together all the required elements in one integrated package. What is more, the support and partnership provided to develop it into a unique and tailored product was excellent. Zentyal’s flexible and responsive involvement was essential to the delivery of this important component of our radiotherapy product suite.”

James Troke, Project Manager, Elekta

“On the one hand, it was necessary to improve the connectivity of schools to make sure that the classrooms are never left without the Internet access. On the other hand, it was necessary to ensure maximum network security and proper access control to Internet content.”

Department of Education, Government of Aragon

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